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  • positive review  I highly recommend Integrant Services! Brian and Nicole do great work and were very easy to work with! Blogging is totally new to me and they got everything set up and running quickly and smoothly and I love my blog!! The one-in-one training was tremendous with the opportunity for questions and clarification. They were both very responsive when I had questions. I found the online training beneficial well. Nicole was great with the artwork and so helpful. Thank you both for your tremendous work!

    Carol Mitchell-Cusick Avatar Carol Mitchell-Cusick
    July 26, 2019

    positive review  Brian and Nicole are wonderful to work with. Creating a website is far beyond my understanding. I simply had an idea of what I wanted it to look like. Integrant Services took the heavy work on and they are so knowledgeable that it was a breeze. They helped me through every step of design with their knowledge and suggestions. Then they "iced the cake" with one on one training and support. If you need a website, Integrant Services is your one-stop shop. Their prices are so affordable for the services they provide!

    Donna Goodwin Avatar Donna Goodwin
    July 9, 2019

    5 star review  Amazing service. I sure loved working with Brian and Nicole everything I ask for was done and some extra. Love the easy navigation of my blog and all the extra plugging is the icing on the cake lets just say the icing is very thick � Thank YOU so much for all you done and for the service you offer. Looking forward to keep working with you two.

    France Poitras Martin Avatar France Poitras Martin
    July 19, 2018
  • 5 star review  I am truly thankful I found Brian and Nicole of Integrant Services. I had tried doing many blog related tasks myself, however it is time consuming to learn and sometimes beyond my "want to know" level. After asking several companies to find a solution to a complex issue I was having, with no luck... I happened across Integrant Services! They not only solved my problem in a timely manner at a reasonable price, but they are responsive to email. I can't begin to tell you how rare I have found that to be! I have happily signed up for maintenance programs and paid for individual "jobs" I have needed done. I am VERY happy with their services and would recommend them to anyone!

    Shannon Cole Avatar Shannon Cole
    June 25, 2018

    5 star review  Nicole and Brian have been great to work with. I'm loving all my new graphics and my new blog design.

    Monika Lenkeit Davis Avatar Monika Lenkeit Davis
    May 17, 2018

    5 star review  I am enjoying working with Brian and Nicole. They listen to my thoughts and come up with solutions every time.

    Elaine Brantley Pelletier Avatar Elaine Brantley Pelletier
    May 17, 2018
  • 5 star review  I just completed my one on one training with Brian. He is incredibly patient and easy to work with. I am happy with all aspects of my business relationship with Integrant Services. I had the pleasure of receiving prompt responses to emails; and found all communications and contact to be polite and professional. I highly recommend them.

    Jaye Catalano Avatar Jaye Catalano
    March 30, 2018

    5 star review  I needed to transfer ownership of a website from another host to a friend who uses Integrant Services. Brian made this whole operation incredibly easy. I felt that he really does know what he’s doing, and that he puts his customers first.

    Robin Messenheimer Avatar Robin Messenheimer
    March 29, 2018

    5 star review  Finding Integrant Services has truly been a blessing. I needed a website that was very specific to my business. I researched for almost 2 years and could not find anyone who was confident or knowledgeable enough to take on the task. I noted similar businesses like mine throughout the county were struggling with the same issues, so it was apparent other businesses researched without any luck as well. Within my first meeting with Nicole, I knew I found a gem. Nicole was confident that she and Brian could accomplish the task. These two went so above and beyond my expectations. They both truly care about you and your business. Nicole and Brian are so wonderful to work with. I cannot even touch the tip of the iceberg here in this review of all the ways they are amazing.

    Deanna Wilson Avatar Deanna Wilson
    March 23, 2018
  • 5 star review  Quality: Fantastic! The graphics are wonderful. File sizes and appearance exceed anything I could have imagined. Very professional. Service/Support: They always responded quickly, which makes a huge difference. Honestly, I felt like their only customer. It is extremely rare to get that kind of personal service. Price: Very fair. You can go on your computer and make graphics & layouts that will work for a teenager's babysitting or lawn mowing business. HOWEVER, I wanted a knowledgeable professional with tools I could never afford, using talent and skill I don't possess to do this job. Invest in your business! Overall: If you're looking for graphics and/or help with your webite, congratulations; you found the right company!

    Christy Vassar Bauer Avatar Christy Vassar Bauer
    March 23, 2018

    5 star review  In one word - AMAZING! Brian and Nicole are unbelievable! They are so devoted to ensuring you receive the best for your website. I absolutely love the website they created for me and are ALWAYS so helpful!

    Bonnie Allers O'Neill Avatar Bonnie Allers O'Neill
    March 19, 2018

    5 star review  My website (Stamping Flair) is up and running thanks to Brian and Nicole Watt at Integrant Services. I am in no way tech savvy so Brian has set it all up and patiently guided me through the whole process. All my questions have been answered in detail and very promptly. It has been set up well within the timeframe specified and I’m very happy with the way it’s looking. The free 90 day course has been helpful and is easy to understand. Thank you so much for your help.

    Rochelle Laird-Smith Avatar Rochelle Laird-Smith
    January 27, 2018
  • 5 star review  I am impressed. I'm happy with my new website. Thank you

    Donna Corp Avatar Donna Corp
    January 19, 2018

    5 star review  The experience has been sweet! The follow up to questions or concerns has been prompt, polite, and professional. I am 100% satisfied, and truly excited to work with them for a long time to come.

    Barbara Hansen Avatar Barbara Hansen
    January 13, 2018

    5 star review  I've been publishing my blog on Typepad for ten years but wanted to change over to WordPress because it offers many upgrades that allow me to make more creative posts. I am technically challenged and taking this step was frightening. Brian did a wonderful job of transitioning my blog (all ten years) over to WordPress and provided me with patient one on one training, answered all my questions and helped me feel more confident with the new program. Nicole is a talented graphic designer and created a fresh and beautiful design for my blog. I highly recommend Integrant Services and am so happy with the competent and creative service Brian and Nicole provided.

    Kittie Rogers Caracciolo Avatar Kittie Rogers Caracciolo
    December 31, 2017
  • 5 star review  Brian is such a dear man! So very easy to work with. At this point, only part of my blog is completed. I am looking forward to working with Nicole on the graphics phase of my blog redesign. So very excited for the finished product. Will definitely be recommending them to my blogging friends. Thank you for the GREAT work!!

    Kathleen Wingerson Avatar Kathleen Wingerson
    December 15, 2017

    5 star review  Brian and Nicole were a pleasure to work with. I am over the moon excited about my new logo, Facebook and YouTube Channel banners and of course my blog. I've been wanting to take the plunge for a while now, but not as computer savvy as I would like, I was intimidated. They made the process easy and were there for me every step of the way answering questions, making suggestions and giving tips. I'm so happy I found their service and decided to have them design and maintain my new website.

    Susan Becnel Levasseur Avatar Susan Becnel Levasseur
    November 20, 2017

    5 star review  I'd been using Typepad for almost 9 years, and quite frankly never mastered it. Now with Wordpress, I actually look forward to creating a post! It's easy, clear, and concise, just how I like things......:-) Brian Watt has been a gem through the whole process. Thank you Brian for making the transition of my 9 year old blog with all of it's old post to my new Wordpress blog a complete success!!

    Gloria Colon Plunkett Avatar Gloria Colon Plunkett
    November 7, 2017
  • 5 star review  I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am. They worked really hard to make sure that I was 100% satisfied with the outcome and spent extra time helping me fine tune everything so it looked exactly the way I wanted it to look. I love that they offer a maintenance plan. I feel very confident that I will be able to continue to make changes as the need arises and my business grows. It's like having your very own marketing team! Thank you, Brian, for doing what I had been led to believe would be impossible . . . moving 10+ years of blog posts and pictures from blogger to wordpress! Thank you, Nicole, for the new, fresh look that you were able to give my blog while keeping some things the same. I had ideas and she was able to turn them into a look and feel that suited me exactly. I highly recommend Integrant Services to anyone who is considering a move from another platform to wordpress, or to anyone who wants to freshen up their look, but still keep some elements the same providing continuity to the people who know and love you, and for attracting new people to your blog who expect a smooth and cohesive experience. Bravo to the "dream team!"

    Kay Kalthoff Avatar Kay Kalthoff
    October 30, 2017

    5 star review  I'm totally in love with my new blog! I had a LOT of specifics, I was was nervous and stressed going into this all, and I thought it would be a painful experience. But it was wasn't painful at all, Brian and Nicole were efficient with their work, they got back to me quickly when I had questions or suggestions, and they managed to bring my new website altogether the way I had envisioned it.

    Rachel Tessman Avatar Rachel Tessman
    October 11, 2017

    5 star review  After having a TypePad blog for a number of years I decided to switch to WordPress. Not only am I not computer savvy but I'm not at all proficient in computer lingo. Brian and Nicole have made the transition smooth. Every question (and I mean every one - and I've had MANY!) has been answered in a prompt, professional and easy to understand manner. They are incredibly patient and talented. I can't urge you enough to give them a try. You'll never use another service again!

    Lisa LoPresti Curcio Avatar Lisa LoPresti Curcio
    August 16, 2017
  • 5 star review  Fabulous service! They went above and beyond helping me out with moving my blog. Brian was very patient in answering my questions. They were not pushy and suggested I shop around and gave me some hints to keep in mind as I compared. I would definitely use them again!

    Robbie Rubala Avatar Robbie Rubala
    July 8, 2017

    5 star review  Not only did Brian move my blog from typepad, he was willing to take the time to answer all my questions and explain things so I could easily understand and implement the information. I look forward to learning more from Brian and Nicole and would highly recommend their services and support. Thank you Integrant Services for helping my pursue my blogging goals.

    Dawn Thomas Avatar Dawn Thomas
    June 30, 2017

    5 star review  Brian & Nicole are terrific to work with. Their knowledge and expertise helped to get me going with my first blog. As I have been bumbling through the process of writing posts, they have been there for me every step of the way. Brian is extremely patient with any and all questions.

    Sally Hessenius Avatar Sally Hessenius
    June 17, 2017
  • 5 star review  Truly amazing to work with. Fast response to emails or anythingyou need! So pleased with their work! Highly recommend them. Wonderful company!

    Wilma Browning Thompson Avatar Wilma Browning Thompson
    June 8, 2017

    5 star review  Nicole & Brian were great in working with me from the designing of my logo to setting up my blog, custom watermark and other misc. items. Their patience is so important and appreciated as I ask a lot of questions, want to understand the process. I felt high maintenance many times, especially designing my blog site with Nicole. She was fabulous and always wanting me to be extremely happy with the outcome, whatever it took. Brian continues to answer my many questions about technical issues, always provides links to training items for my personal learning, and is always supportive. I definitely recommend them!

    Cynthia McQueen Avatar Cynthia McQueen
    May 29, 2017

    5 star review  They go over and above and get you exactly what you ask for! Quick turnaround and available when you need! Highly recommended!

    Stesha Bloodhart Avatar Stesha Bloodhart
    May 29, 2017
  • 5 star review  Brian and Nicole have made a dream come true. Without their technical assistance, my blog would not have become a reality. The additional training they offer is extremely helpful, and I have confidence that any problem I encounter can be solved. Besides that, they are a fun, genuinely caring couple. I know I'm in good hands.

    Su Mohr Avatar Su Mohr
    May 29, 2017

    5 star review  Brian did an excellent job transferring my Blogger blog to WordPress. He had it all done in less than 2 days. Easy to work with.

    Cindee Wilkinson Avatar Cindee Wilkinson
    April 10, 2017

    5 star review  Brian and Nicole did a great job for me! Looking forward to moving ahead with an excellent team behind me, thanks.

    Rachael Shedeed Avatar Rachael Shedeed
    March 28, 2017

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