Suggested Reads (Sep. 6, 2014)

Pile of old books on black backgroundThis week’s suggested reads are actually sites you need to bookmark because they’re !

If you’re on the lookout for great images to use on your blog (and you should be because pictures are really important) then you’re going to love these sites. Searching on Google for images is ok, but do you know where they come from? Are they public domain? Can you use them for free? Nothing worse than adding an image to your blog and getting a nastygram telling you to take it down because it’s copyright protected. Oh No!

These three sites allow you to use their high resolution imagery for FREE! And, they’re great images to boot. Really, you can’t get any better than free and good 🙂 reminds us that:  “Public Domain” is the permission to freely use an image without asking permission from the photographer or the illustrator. Thus, the creator of the work will not sue you for violating his/her copyrights. The creator, however, is not responsible for the content of the picture. It is your responsibility to make sure, displaying the image does not violate any other law. That is the essence of public domain images.

Finding free images of high quality is a tedious task – due to copyright issues, attribution requirements, or simply the lack of quality. This inspired us to create Pixabay – a repository for stunning public domain pictures.

Your source for free vectors, free drawings and free photos.

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Free (do whatever you want) hi-resolution photos. 10 new photos every 10 days.

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100% free Public Domain Images New free stock photos added weekly No attribution required. Images released under CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication.

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What Public Domain photo sites do you use? Share a link in a comment below!