WordPress HostingPremium Hosting

The Challenge

Shared hosting plans are super affordable, and a great place to start with your first blog.  However, there comes a point where you need more speed, power, and reliability.

Most shared hosting plans aren’t necessarily optimized for WordPress.  A number of web services can be installed, so the hosting provider can’t fine tune settings for any one application.  Not to mention, you’re competing for resources with hundreds if not thousands of other users on the same server.  Bandwidth, processor power, and memory are all sought after, and everyone needs it at the same time. For most bloggers, this isn’t an issue.  However, if you get thousands of visitors to your site every day, or run eCommerce on your site (like we do), you’re eventually going to need to make the move to serious hosting.

The Solution

Our Premium Hosting alleviates all of those concerns.  Our servers are optimized from the start with caching and security in mind, and because these run at the server level, no additional WordPress plugins are required.  Which means your site runs even faster.

While technically “shared” hosting, we own and operate our own commercial class server, and know exactly how many sites we’re hosting. Other hosting providers can have well over 1,000 people sharing the same resources. We continually monitor the resources being used, and will purchase more should the need arise.

You’ll enjoy 50GB of storage, 400GB of bandwidth monthly, and your very own static IP address.  While it’s not ‘unlimited’ like other hosts, read the fine print on what ‘unlimited’ means to them. We don’t use that kind of confusing jargon.

No need for extra backups either; our server runs local backups to a separate drive, every 8 hours.  These backups are retained for 7 days. Additionally, we store a full server backup off-site in the cloud every night. Never worry about losing your data again. 

You may have relied on plugins in the past to squeeze performance out of your site. Server-side caching takes care of all that. No more tinkering with caching plugins to try to speed up your sites.  Expecting a massive influx of traffic? Breathe easy. Our caching technology can handle millions of visitors without flinching.

Don’t want to be bothered with the technical details of running your own blog?  Sign up for one of our Maintenance packages, and let us do the dirty work!