New Site SetupNew Site Setup

The Challenge

You want to start a new self-hosted WordPress site from scratch, but don’t know where to start. Wouldn’t it be nice to work with someone that understands your creative desires, not someone being paid to answer the phone and file a trouble ticket?

The Solution

We can help!  Decide where you want to host your site (or host with us), purchase the hosting plan, and buy your domain name (or let us buy it for you).  We’ll take care of the rest!



We’ll provide the following services:

  • Database creation
  • WordPress installation
  • Site design, including colors & fonts of your choice
  • account creation
  • Basic security plugin installation
  • Site testing
  • 60 minutes of initial orientation via phone/chat/screen share to get you familiarized with WordPress!

We suggest adding one of our popular Maintenance Packages at the same time so that your new site stays like new!