Domain RegistrationDomain Registration

The Challenge

Domain registration can be a pain. First you have to come up with the perfect name for your venture. Then you need to see if its available for purchase. Finally, you have to find someone to purchase it from, and sort through the fluff, limited time specials, and add-on features (that cost extra).

The Solution

Take some of the sting out of the process by getting your domain name here!

  • Get your own .com domain name for only $16 / year.  No gimmicks, no introductory price.
  • Domain Privacy is included at no extra charge.
  • You choose the name, we register it and set it up.  It’s that easy.
  • Want a vanity email address ([email protected])?  Add it to your domain name purchase for only $5 more!
    • 2 GB storage
    • 25 MB attachment limit
    • IMAP / POP3 / Webmail accessible

Searching for a domain name?  Looking for ideas? We recommend using two tools:

  1. Use to see if your desired domain name is available.  Name Mesh also provides name suggestions based on keywords you use.
  2. Use to check for domain name AND social media account availability.  Keep your branding the same across the board!