Welcome to WordPress

Whether you’re new to blogging, or are transferring from a different blog platform, learning a new environment can be daunting. This video series gives you the fundamentals of navigating your new WordPress site, as well as creating your first post.

Core Concepts

  • Understanding the WordPress interface
  • Creating pages & posts
  • Embedding external videos
Module 1Welcome to WordPress
Unit 1Introduction 
Unit 2Logging In 
Unit 3The Admin Bar 
Unit 4The WP Dashboard 
Module 2Posts & Pages
Unit 1Posts vs. Pages 
Unit 2Add a New Post 
Unit 3Editing Posts 
Unit 4Adding an Image (part 1) 
Unit 5Adding an Image (part 2) 
Unit 6Adding an Image (part 3) 
Unit 7Other Common Blocks 
Unit 8Publishing 
Unit 9Reusable Blocks