DBWS Nuts & Bolts

This course is your guide to the Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Business Web Services.
Learn how to use every aspect of the Stampin' Up! DBWS and the Resource Library mobile app.

Core Concepts

  • Understanding the DBWS Back-end and Client interface
  • Customizing the DBWS for YOU
  • Learning all the extended features of the platform
  • Creating, sharing and using image and project resources
  • Using the DBWS Mobile app
Module 1DBWS Familiarization
Unit 1Welcome to DBWS Nuts & Bolts
Unit 2Accessing the DBWS and Back-end Tour
Module 2DBWS Basic Configuration
Unit 1Joining the Demonstrator Locator & Directory
Unit 2Syncing the Customer Manager
Unit 3Create a Custom Email Signature
Module 3DBWS Front-End Customization
Unit 1Site Settings Tab
Unit 2Home Page Tab
Unit 3Contact Page Tab
Unit 4About Page Tab
Unit 5Host Page Tab
Unit 6Join Page Tab
Unit 7Specials Page Tab
Unit 8Social Media Settings
Module 4DBWS Other Features
Unit 1Link Generator
Unit 2Event Calendar
Unit 3Contact Tool
Module 5DBWS Resource Library
Unit 1Resource Library (part 1)
Unit 2Resource Library (part 2)
Unit 3My Files & Custom Shareables
Unit 4Shareables in Events & Projects
Module 6DBWS Mobile App
Unit 1Tour, Tips & Tricks