WordPress 4.5 & LIFETIME Access to StockUnlimited

SUlogo_black_258AppSumo is offering another of its fantastic deals.  This time, you’re getting LIFETIME access and UNLIMITED downloads from Stock Unlimited (stockunlimited.com).  Normally priced at $119/year, if you’re fast enough, you can claim this deal for $49.  One payment & lifetime access to over 600,000 images, with 10,000 more being added every month.

Don’t dally, the last I checked there were only 850 of these promotional packages left (out of 1,000)

We helped you out by spreading the word; please help us out by using our link if you plan on signing up for this great deal.  We get a small kickback from AppSumo from every purchase made.  http://www.appsumo.com/?r=UXWA

In other news, Wordpress 4.5 will be released sometime this week (Tuesday?). This is a planned incremental release, versus a security release, so don’t be in a huge rush to update. Our maintenance package subscribers can expect to be updated a week or so after the release, barring any major bugs.

There are several new features included with this release. For a full listing and explanation, check out this aricle from wpbeginner.com.

As always, let us know if you have any questions.

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AppSumo Black Friday Deal

Integrant Services Coin CornucopiaEarlier this year, we shared an AppSumo deal with you that was simply fantastic:  100 Deposit Photos stock photo credits (that never expire) – only $39 (that’s 92% off!).  Many of you took advantage of this great offer (and we did too)!  If you missed out last time…get ready!

AppSumo has decided that this deal (and six others) were so popular this year, they’re offering them again, but for 24 hours only!  Starting Black Friday at 12:01 AM CST, until 11:59 PM CST, you can take advantage of seven of AppSumo’s best deals:

  • DepositPhotos: 100 stock photo credits (that never expire) – only $39 (92% off!)
  • Brain.fm: Lifetime access to the music engine that helps you focus better and sleep deeper – only $25 (83% off!)
  • KingSumo Giveaways: Grow your email list by setting up viral giveaways on your site – only $49 (75% off!)
  • Double Your Freelancing Rate: The business-in-a-box for any freelancers looking to grow their business – only $99 (66% off!)
  • Finish Your Damn Book: The definitive guide to launching your first non-fiction book – only $4 9(75% off!)
  • ClickMinded: Highly-rated SEO course to learn how to bring more traffic and more customers to your website as quickly as possible – only $149 (70% off!)
  • Sniply Freebie: Drive traffic back to your own site when you share content with 12 months of Sniply -Free! (worth $300!)

We’ve already mentioned that Deposit Photos is one of our favorites.  Another favorite we just got hooked on is Brian.fm.  I won’t bore you with the scientific details, but the software generates music that helps you sleep, relax, or focus, depending on your needs.  Nicole and I both agree:  IT WORKS!  Read more about it at brain.fm.

Integrant Services Fruit & Gourd CornucopiaYou could go straight to AppSumo’s site and take advantage of these deals, but we’d appreciate if you’d use our AppSumo affiliate link.  We get a small “Thank You” stipend from AppSumo for referrals.

Last, but not least, Nicole and I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Enjoy the time, food, and the extended weekend (if you get one) together with family and friends.  We’ll be doing the same!



We welcome your questions or comments. Its simple...just click HERE!

Stampin’ Up! Category ID Changes

Stampin’ Up! changed the IDs for most of its categories.  This important for you if:

  1. You’re a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator – and –
  2. You have links to Weekly Deals, Clearance Rack, etc. on your blog.

Links that go directly to your store, such as Shop 24/7, aren’t affected.

The two most common links are listed below.  Simply replace the ### with your Demo ID, and when clicked, customers will be taken straight to your store.

If you’re a maintenance plan subscriber and want us to update these links for you, just ask!

Weekly Deals:  http://www.stampinup.com/ECWeb/ItemList.aspx?categoryid=100100&dbwsdemoid=###

Clearance Rack:  http://www.stampinup.com/ECWeb/ItemList.aspx?categoryid=100300&dbwsdemoid=###

Why Blog Security Is Important

Security ButtonIf you’ve been a subscriber for a while, or have taken the time to browse our blog archive, you know that I talk frequently about security.  Even the most vigilant of us get affected from time to time, as Internet villains find new ways to practice their nefarious deeds.

Our new hosting provider (InMotion Hosting) sent an email last night to notify us that our account was experiencing a “Account Resource Overage”.  I immediately panicked, thinking that something was wrong with our WordPress install, or our disks were full, but nothing seemed amiss.  I sent a response back to InMotion asking for more details.

Turns out we were the target of a brute force attack.

A hacker tried to log into our site over 1,500 times in the matter of a few minutes.  InMotion blocked the offending IP address.

The hacker never got in.  No accounts were compromised.  “How is that possible”, you may ask?

Strong passwords, and an excellent security plugin.  A HUGE lifesaver.

So why the account resource overage warning?

By virtue of attempting to log in, the hacker used processor power from our server.  Many, many times more processor power than was normal.  All in the hope that they could guess a password.  The more attempts guessing, the more power used.  Eventually, it would have made our site unusable.

It can happen to you!  So, how to stop that from happening…

One way is to require yet another username and password before even getting to the WordPress log in screen. See “Password Protect wp-login.php” in the brute force attack article.  Not a realistic option.  I already have enough passwords, thank you very much.

Instead, I choose to Deny Access to No Referrer Requests.  I won’t bore you with the details; you can Google or read it in the linked article it if you’d like to learn more.

What can you do?

Read the security articles I wrote (if you haven’t already).  Create strong passwords, especially for your WordPress log in (if you haven’t already).  Change your passwords occasionally.  If you’ve purchased a site setup, transfer, or maintenance plan from us, you already have a solid security plugin installed.  Check that off your list.

What we’ll be doing:  Over the next week, I’ll be applying the same No Referrer Request patch to all current Integrant Services customers, even if you aren’t on a maintenance plan.  Free of charge.

It’s what we do.

You shouldn’t notice anything different; if you do, contact [email protected] ASAP so we can fix it.

Happy (and safe) blogging!

Gift Certificates: Available Now!

Orange Flower GiftcardBlack Friday.  Green Monday.  Will the color-coded shopping days never end?  Why not a Fuchsia Friday?  Hey, if it ever catches on, you heard it here first!

Whatever the occasion, now you can give the gift of Integrant Services.

Take the guesswork out of your holiday shopping!  Send friends a gift certificate so they can get that new blog header they’ve been looking for.  While you’re at it, reward yourself with store credit now to use in the future.

The situation doesn’t matter, just know we’re here for you.  Credits & gift certificates can be purchased directly from our online store.  They never expire, can be sent in any denomination, and can be used on any service we offer.  All you need is a list of email addresses!

As an added bonus, take 10% off your purchase of gift certificates!  Get $100 of certificates for only $90!  Use coupon code “tenpercent” or simply click on the coupon in your cart during checkout.  This offer is only available for a limited time, so don’t delay!  Tell your friends!

Free Training: Creating Links To Your Stampin’ Up! Online Store

Creating Stampin' Up! LinksOur first of many free training modules is now available!  If you’re a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator  with a blog and a DBWS account, you’ll want to watch this video.  In a few short minutes I explain (and show) how to create the links that get customers to your DBWS storefront.  Don’t just get customers to shop at Stampin’ Up!, get them to shop at Stampin’ Up! with you as the demonstrator!