The New Year is a perfect opportunity for a fresh start, and we’ve been taking advantage of that by adding new features.  Here’s what Nicole and I have been up to for the last month or so:

Site Refresh

It doesn’t jump out at you, but we completely redesigned Integrant Services from the ground up.  Instead of using Elegant Themes’ “Divi“, we’re using their latest and greatest theme “Extra“.  While it still uses the fantastic Divi Builder, Extra adds more modules and more features, allowing for even more flexibility.  We hope you enjoy it!

Redesigned Checkout

While we were at it, we streamlined how our shopping and checkout process works. What we had functioned fairly well, but had its own quirks and was becoming cost prohibitive with the extra features we required.  It also lacked any kind of guided product selection process.

Gone is the WooCommerce self-checkout.  In its place is a Gravity Forms-based Quote Builder.  This form will walk you through all our products and services step-by-step, asking questions the entire way.  Once completed, we will receive an email with the details of what you”re interested in, and can contact you with any questions we may have before preparing an invoice.

Our Blog Usability Assessment can still be purchased directly from our site via PayPal or credit card.

Integrant Service Quote Builder

Integrant Service Quote Builder

Invoicing and Payments

Speaking of checking out, we now send invoices for services rendered.  Some of you are still being charged automatically by PayPal, which is perfect by us.  However, most of our subscribers are receiving monthly statements that can be paid with a simple click of the button.

If you don’t like clicking a button to pay every month, we can also set up an automatic recurring payment via credit card or ACH withdrawal (eCheck).  Contact us and we’ll get you set up.

New Theme and Plugin Options

We just purchased a membership to WMPU DEV.  We can now offer the Upfront theme to our clients, as well as the 140+ premium plugins that WPMU DEV has.  For example, if you subscribe to any of our Maintenance Packages, you’ve already got WP Smush Pro installed and activated on your site.  This awesome plugin uses off-site servers to compress your images, without any loss of quality.  This means your pages load faster, and reduces bandwidth usage on your server.  It also make Google and Bing happy when they’re indexing your site, increasing your ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Gold and Platinum Maintenance Package subscribers also have an updated Google Analyics plugin installed on their site.  Not only can you see the WordPress site stats, you can compare them to what Google Analytics is reporting.

That leaves roughly 138 plugins to look over.  Browse what WPMU DEV has to offer…if there’s something there that you think you’d be interested in, drop us a line.  We’ll gladly help you out.


Last but not least, our training has moved:  Introducing!

LHIAA stands for Learn How, Implement, Analyze, Adjust:

LHIAA and the LHIAA Method are the brainchild of Nicole and Brian Watt – co-owners of Integrant Services, LLC. With LHIAA you won’t just learn, you will implement and adjust each tool or process to fit your needs and make it a part of your personal or business system. Achieve results with LHIAA!  LEARN. DO. SUCCEED.

We are working on populating LHIAA with fantastic training you can actually use.  Free training that was previously available at Integrant Services has already been migrated over.  Paid courses, from detailed WordPress tutorials to Pinterest for Business, will be available soon.

2016 is shaping up to be a great year already!


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