Yoast SEO 3.0You might notice something new as you craft a new post or page in WordPress, especially if you’re one of our maintenance subscribers.  Yoast SEO has released version 3.0 of their of venerable WordPress plugin, and it streamlines how you craft your content to become more search engine optimized.

The most notable change, aside from the way the Yoast looks, is the way snippets are designed.  Gone are the title and meta description fields; they’ve been replaced by the snippet editor. If you want to change how the title, permalink, or description look, you simply click and edit them in the snippet editor.

The Content Analysis is displayed prominently under the Focus Keyword field, making it easier to see what Yoast suggests to improve your post.  And with the new real-time content analysis, suggestions are provided on the fly, changing as you type more words, add images, or reference your keyword more often.

The stoplight feature is visible in multiple areas, and is also tied into the real-time analysis, so it cha
nges colors as your SEO improves.

I could repeat everything that Yoast has posted on their blog, but that doesn’t seem very efficient…follow the link to read the whole article and a full listing of improvements.

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