When we include images in our posts, they usually come from free stock image websites.  Unfortunately, we regularly use 10 sites, and it can be a pain to go from site to site searching for just the right graphic.

Then I found Google’s Custom Search Engine (CSE).

In a matter of minutes, I was able to take the 10 sites we regularly search for images, and add them into CSE.  I now have one link to visit, customized to the sites I want to search; Google returns hits from only the 10 sites I’ve defined.  Talk about a time saver!

CSE is free, and easy to use.  You can create your own custom search engine by going to https://cse.google.com, and signing in with your Google account.  Like videos?  Here’s a great one I found on YouTube that walks you through the process.

Here’s the URL to our CSE that we use to search images.  The URL can be shared publicly, or made private so that only you can use it.  There is also code so it can be embedded in a website if you so choose.

If you have any questions, or need a little help, be sure to let us know!

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