Ever found yourself wishing you could keep a post ‘on top’ or at the beginning of your blog?  Maybe a welcome message?  You can…the sticky posts option is built right into WordPress!

In order to make a post ‘sticky’, either create and save a new draft, or choose which existing post you’d like to use.  On the ‘All Posts’ view, hover over the post you want to make sticky, then click on ‘Quick Edit’.

Wordpress post Quick Edit

This will expand a view many of you haven’t seen before.  It allows changing many of the settings of a post (or many posts using the ‘Bulk Actions’ drop down) without having to edit the post directly.  As you can see, one of the options is ‘Make this post sticky’.  Check the box, and ‘Update’.

Make this post sticky

That’s it!  From here on out, this will be the very first post visible on your site.  Posts published after this will be appear below the sticky post.  You can have more than one sticky post, and should you want to ‘unstick’ the post, simply follow these instructions again and uncheck the box!

Let us know what you think…do you find these hints helpful?