I know, the title sounds like the beginnings of a fable, but its true:  Wordpress has a kitchen sink.  You may not fit a lot of dishes in it, but its just as indispensable as the iconic fixture in your kitchen.

If you don’t know what the kitchen sink is (in relation to WordPress), its the second row of icons in your post or page editor toolbar.


Kitchen Sink Before Integrant Services

Press this button!


Kitchen Sink after Integrant Services

And get this row of icons!

By adding the kitchen sink, you now have access to the following: change the font size, underline, justification (of text), and font color.  Paste as text is useful if you copy and paste information from Microsoft Word, or from another web page; it removes the formatting style that was associated with the original copy.  Clear formatting will reset any special formatting of the text you have selected.  The ‘Omega’ symbol allows you to insert a special character, followed by decrease and increase indent, undo and redo, and a complete list of keyboard shortcuts.

I hope this helps some of you that may not have known these functions existed.

Stay tuned, soon we’ll share a way to include different fonts and font sizes in your post editor!