Computer-Keyboard-With-Social-800w Integrant ServicesDuplicating tasks is a waste of time (and effort), wouldn’t you agree?

So why would you craft a post and publish it on your blog, only to copy and paste it to your social media accounts?  You have to log in, copy the text from your blog post, paste it into a new entry, then upload and insert a photo.  Sound an awful lot like what you had to do for your blog post already?  Now, rinse & repeat for every social media account you actively use.

Or, you could just publish your post and let your crafted content publish automatically, thanks to SNAP.  Social Networks Auto Poster (SNAP) is a WordPress plugin developed by  With a little configuration, it will take your post and publish it to most popular social media outlets.

The free version (and who doesn’t love free?) will publish to Delicious, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn (personal account only), Stumbleupon, Tumbler, Twitter, and Xing, just to name the most popular platforms.  A full list can be found at

While Facebook and Twitter are enough for most, the good folks at Nextscripts know that ‘enough’ isn’t always enough.  Their paid API adds in 10 more social networks, of which you’ll recognize Google+, LinkedIn (company pages), and yes, Pinterest.

Pricing can be a little confusing for their paid services.  I covered this on a post a couple of months back.  Not to worry; it’s still on sale for $49.95.  Support our cause by using our affiliate link if you want the power of publishing to Pinterest and Google+.

Just to recap, SNAP is free if you just use Facebook and Twitter.  If you want to publish to Pinterest and Google+, you’ll need Nextscripts’ APIs, which are on sale for $49.95.

Our Maintenance Plan subscribers get the free version of SNAP installed and configured automatically  If they purchase the paid version, we’ll configure that as well.

The remaining parts of this series will discuss how to maximize the usefulness of SNAP on your WordPress blog!  Part 2 covers Facebook…stay tuned to learn more!