pen for signatureAre you a WordPress user?

Do you have a self-hosted blog, not hosted by  Do you have information you want to appear every time you publish a new post (like a signature)?

Are you tired of cloning posts?

Great news…I have a solution for you!

I recently stumbled across a plugin called Add to All.  It allows you to do exactly what it sounds like:  Add information to all posts (and pages).  You can add text, graphics, or links to the top or bottom of every post you publish from here on out.  Or all the posts you published in the past.

The reality check?  It’s not point and click; text, images, and links have to be added by code.  While simple HTML, some won’t be comfortable with this.

The bonus?  If you’re one of our maintenance plan subscribers, we’ll install and configure this for you for free.  We just need to know what you want it to display.

If you’re not a paying subscriber (yet), install the plugin.  Go to ‘Settings / Add to All’, then scroll down to ‘Content Options’.

The first two blocks will apply the options to the beginning (or end) of every post or page you’ve ever created.

The second two blocks will apply your options to the beginning (or end) of every post or page you create from today on.

A word of caution:  If you choose to put information in either of the first two blocks (every post) AND in either of the second two blocks (from today forward), you’ll get BOTH sets of information in every new post.

Happy Blogging, and let us know if you want this configured for your blog!

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