MDS LogoOn March 17, Stampin’ Up! announced the demise of My Digital Studio, which is scheduled for May 31, 2015.  That same day, we provided instructions on how to make sure you have all purchased MDS files downloaded.

For the next few days, comments and questions flew like paper scraps.  Thanks to the great Stampin’ Pretty Pals community, most of these questions were answered.  Here is what’s known so far.

The company that makes MDS (StoryRock, Inc) also has their own mymemories-digital-scrapbooking-logoversion of software called My Memories Suite (MMS).  MMS basically does everything MDS does, including the ability to open projects created in MDS.  Your MDS digital downloads will also work in MMS.  StoryRock is making MMS 5 available for free, available for download here.  They are also offering an upgrade to their most recent version, MMS 6, for $19.99.

StoryRock even went as far as to put together good documentation on how to migrate your MDS digital downloads to MMS.  You can read their migration instructions for Windows here, and Mac OS X here.

While they were at it, they put together instructions on how to change the file extension of your saved projects.  This will allow you to open your MDS projects in MMS without skipping a beat.  Again, file extension change instructions are located here for Windows, and here for Mac OS X.

StoryRock also has an extensive ‘how-to’ video library on their YouTube channel.

Finally, for those of you that love watching our videos, I’ve created a short one for you demonstrating how to migrate your digital purchases from MDS to MMS using StoryRock’s instructions above.  I then demonstrate how to rename your existing project extensions, again using StoryRock’s instructions.

Hopefully you find this useful!  Be sure to let us know if you have any questions!