blog usability assessmentBlog Usability Assessment

The Challenge

Your blog is up and running, and you’ve spent lots of time moving things around, trying different themes, trying different color combos and making all sorts of adjustments…. But are you happy with it? You’re thinking there could be some tweaks but you don’t know where to start or how to get on the right track; what works and what doesn’t. You could be tweaking and trying new things for weeks, even months because the possibilities are endless. Aargh!

The Solution

That’s where we come in. The Integrant Services Blog Usability Assessment is a 25-point comprehensive review of everything your visitors see and even some things they don’t – but that make a real big difference in how long they’ll stick around! After we’ve completed the review, we provide you with a PDF report with actionable suggestions that you can accomplish, or hire us to do.

The kicker? This $30 investment comes along with a $30 voucher for any service we offer here at Integrant Services. Now, that’s an offer that can’t be beat!

On average, assessments take 3-4 days to make sure we cover your site from top to bottom. Don’t delay! There are only a limited number of assessments conducted each month.